Do you need to get a load of ideas out of your head and onto paper? Do you want to represent the ideas of a group to the whole group? Do you want to come up with many new ideas quickly? Brainstorming with sticky notes might be for you.

Sticky notes can be bought for any stationary shop. You can get them in a variety of colours. You will need a marker pen. If you are doing a group exercise get enough resources for everyone to work at once. You need somewhere to post the sticky posts – which can be a wall, paper taped to the wall or whiteboard. The advantage of using paper is you can fold up the research and store it away for later viewing if necessary.

Group exercise

  1. Each group member is given either a pad of sticky notes.
  2. Using a thick marker pen write one idea on each sticky note.
  3. When time is called, each person announces their ideas to the whole group, and posts his or her sticky notes on a large sheet of paper taped to the wall
  4. The sticky notes are then clustered by the facilitator and the clusters are named
  5. Finally, the facilitator asks: “Is that everything? Do you want to add any more ideas or suggest new categories?”

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