Write a poem using the following thought exercises:-

  • 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why)
  • Facts-neutral, emotions-feelings, critic-analyst, sunshine-optimist, creative-growth, cool-process
  • BOIs (branches of interest)
  • Capture, process, big rocks, habit (Zen things done)
  • GTD – what is it, is it actionable?, whats the next action, how long will it take, delegate, defer, do (Getting things done)
  • Fitness, organise, impossibility, experience, experiment, organise (exploration)
  • Structure, lines, colours, words, images (deconstructing the image)
  • Born, movement, alone, together,explore, death (path of life)

A Bonto is a four line poem with the following structure:

Line 1: The action that someone took (e.g. ‘The boy stood on the table’)
Line 2: The reason for the action (‘To show that he was able’)
Line 3: What happened as a result of the action (‘The table soon gave way’)
Line 4: The moral of the story (‘Showing off does not pay’)

Bonto from Martin Leith’s idea generation methods. Website no longer available. Originally accessed 2005.

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