Going to the Zoo inspiration from animals

Word count: 217

Pretend all humans are animals and the city is the zoo. Identify animal qualities in humans and human qualities in animals. What is missing from human behaviour which is animal and vice versa?

This technique is blurring the boundaries between the modernist idea of humans being separate from animals and instead bringing in fully the paradigm that everything is interconnected. This technique hopefully would open up some of the peculiarities of human behaviour and what constitutes people’s reality, structure of society etc.

Other thoughts:

Behaviour of humans as an ecological population:

  • domination of group of humans by another group of humans
  • network theory, complex systems and capitalism.

Zizek says ‘there is no nature’ in Examined Life. ‘Nature is a series of unimaginable catastrophes, we profit from them’

This technique is partly inspired by The Ecological Thought and Ecology Without Nature.

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