Thinking Poem for exploring through Language

Word count: 200

Poetry is the use of language in a creative way. Poetry plays with structure and metaphor in language to create playfulness and meaning.

Patterns to create Poems

Try writing a poem using the following

  • 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why)
  • Structure, lines, colours, words, images.


Write a Bonto – a four line poem with the following structure:

Line 1: The action that someone took (e.g. ‘The boy stood on the table’)
Line 2: The reason for the action (‘To show that he was able’)
Line 3: What happened as a result of the action (‘The table soon gave way’)
Line 4: The moral of the story (‘Showing off does not pay’)


  • Bonto from Martin Leith’s idea generation methods. Website no longer available. Originally accessed 2005.
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